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Jaecinta Harris M.A.

The Spiritual Warrior... Walk Your Path...

This excerpt is taken from my book

Waking of the Warriors; A Manual for the Masses & Masters ©2006 

“Faith is a Weapon.” –Soulfly

A major part of the human (re)birth experience entails limiting our soul’s knowledge of its past lives and of the OtherSide so we will take this lifetime seriously and do what we came to do “in the now”. Because of this, we don’t often realize or remember that we are divinely connected to a higher power while we are going through our human growing pains. And most of us who do realize that we are divinely connected rarely communicate effectively with the Divine. Only a tiny amount of people ever ask the question, “Ohhh Creator! why am I being put through this?” and then sit there in a state of psychic openness and actually hear the response that always comes. Well...how are we going to know how to get back on track, or "make it over the hump” if we don’t ask the questions, or aren't able to hear the answers?

To further compound this problem is our human tendency (especially North Americans) to just plain deny we even have spirit/soul and animal/human intuitions. We'd rather believe that psychic ability is 'a rare talent' bestowed only unto a brave few. We don’t like our blueprint, the voices of our spirit guides lighting fires under our butts, the pain of being human—an animal. We’re weary of the challenges and negativity permeating our every day environments, the forewarnings otherwise known as red flags. And the sometimes alienating path of Ascension. Some stop praying. Some stop meditating, drawing, writing, drumming, painting, singing… We get preoccupied with what is facing us in this physical realm. We get lost in paying our bills and trying to lose weight cause “that’s what will make me happy.” We become addicted to things that numb us further and take us farther away from our inner-knowing and unique purpose here. We fill each other with never-ending notions of “If I could just have a relationship I would finally feel fulfilled.” Incidentally we can waste decades of money and energy on what we think is the right path leading toward our (societal version of) 'success'. We go about driving ourselves crazy with distractions and 'stuff' to fill in the void our already innate connection to the spirit world offers us; acceptance, guidance, and clear, concrete direction

What we do by denying our birth-given omniscience is limit our access to our blueprints--losing the very answers that will help us with the pain and challenge of being human in this life at this time. When we do this, we accidentally denounce our sacred world. By cutting ourselves off from our spirit and it’s innate connection to the Divine, we strand ourselves in this limited human realm, becoming literally lost--traversing the rough terrain of Earth seemingly alone with seemingly little direction, except what this material world has to offer us.

What we will do in this book is learn how to always and effortlessly reconnect with our spirit selves in order to hear/access the advice and encouragement coming through for us from the Other Side. We will look more in depth at our personal blueprints and learn how to interpret them in order to understand this unique lifetime in order to find the secret to our soul’s fulfillment, as well as its inherent difficulties and remedies. We will also be learning more about our 'true' home, the Other Side. Ultimately you will use this knowledge to fulfill your Destiny. Success is inevitable.

There is nothing to fear. There is no reason to fear Spirit. You are Spirit. If there was ever a person that would fear spirits or the Other Side, it would be a Medium, for we know more than anyone how spirits can interrupt (albeit innocently) an evening! But they are our family and friends, and even the lost ones aren’t forever lost. A few of you reading this book were sent here to help them, in fact. The non-physical only seems like the unknown because of many generations of human socialization against it—our intuitive knowing that we are energetically interconnected , universally, and eternally...will always be there. Simply put, we’re just living in an era where the prevailing structure, social climate, and mass ignorance have seemingly limited our access to these 3 dimensions. What  science is beginning to prove is that “over there” on the OtherSide is our natural state. It’s where we go when we meditate and dream. It’s the place we return to when we pass on, and the place we come from when we are born into these lives. Over there is literally overlaying over here. We are involved with parallel realities that commune seamlessly, whether we like it or not. I, for one, am only comforted and at ease with my inherent connection to the spirit realm. I have trust in the Universe.

We have spent so much time looking up and outward for the answers that our  mass collective hasn’t stopped to realize that is obviously not working. We’re more lost and at-each-other’s-throats than ever! Inward is where you will find your blueprint, in the center of your being, where your soul resides. I will help you locate your manual and open yourself to hearing your own soul and it’s intimate knowledge of you...and everything else. Discover clear, effective direction at your will. Connecting to your soul (instead of just your human personality--this lifetime’s mask of identity, gender, and mind/ego) is where you will find your resonance; your center, your Tao, your life’s purpose...and the manual that always accompanies it. In examining it you will always understand yourself and your unique path.

This information will only help you in future lifetimes as well. What lessons you are unable to learn in this lifetime you will inevitably learn in another, or on the Other Side once you’ve passed on. Learning is exactly what we’re doing here, so why postpone till tomorrow what can be done today? Besides...tomorrow has its own lessons anyway...

So where do we begin?...

Faith is Threefold; Trust, Guts, and Guidance:

 1)     First, Faith is rightly so, trusting the Universe. Trusting God. Not just trusting you will be provided for, but believing so faithfully that the Creator wants what’s best for you. And It does. Having faith is knowing that you will have everything you need in this moment so you have lost all attachment to what outcome you want. You trust the Universe so implicitly that you know that whatever God and your spirit guides come up with will be much better than what you could come up with. And it is. Trust is letting go. Letting everything go and trusting the Universe to show you the right way so all you have to do is follow-along. Like the Fool, you will walk off the edge of a mountain-cliff because that is what the Universe whispered for you to do. You trust that where you’ll land will be exactly where you needed to be. And it is. You know that you are always protected and provided for, even if not unharmed. All challenge is good, if that is what the Universe has ordered. Only so you’ll grow and blossom. Then you will be ripe to share and expand in harmony. Just have faith that the Universe is leading you through the exact doors to get you to your highest self. Your faith is your weapon against fear.

 2)     Second, Faith is walking through the doors that the Universe opens up for you. So many warriors are so damaged or distracted, they do have faith that the Creator wants them to fill-in-the-blank, but then they never show up to the pick-up window because it looks too good to be true and they’re used to struggling, or because it looks too difficult, or simply because you’re too afraid. That is not having faith. Faith means that you are trusting that God, the Universe, is providing you with what you need to grow and be prosperous. Why would you deny walking through a door that you know will lead you directly to where you want to be? We do it all the time. No more! Walk through the doors the Universe opens for you. They are for you. Spirit guides have spent considerable energy rearranging things just so you could have that opportunity. So what if it presents some lessons. That’s what we’re doing here. Actively confront your fear, with trust and faith in your Warrior’s heart, and walk through that door. In three more doors you’ll be painting your Dreams on a neon-colored canvas.

3)     Third, Faith doesn’t stop there. You must remain in connection to your higher self once you enter those doors. What do I do now? How do I make sure I confront these lessons maturely? How can I ensure that my old habits don’t return? Which way do I go; this door seems to have a lot of options attached to it? All of these questions are perfect! You are having faith, following along with the Universe, dedicated to your higher purpose, which means growth. You will need guidance. Consistent guidance actually. Faith is turning to the Creator for that guidance. I believe every single person on this earth should have a tool for divination—runes, tea-leaves, a tarot deck, meditation, writing…

You trust the Universe is providing you with everything you will need in order to flourish and become the warrior you were meant to be, so you are following along and walking faithfully through doors that are opening, and once you enter them you are staying connected consistently to divinity via getting in-tune and asking questions and listening for the advice. You will never run the risk of being distracted and squandering wonderful opportunities again. You will never run the risk of getting lost again. The next door on your path quickly opens as you learn the lessons this current door offered you. Soon, another opens. Suddenly, another door opens and then there it is: that neon canvas waiting for your creation. We have been longing for it. Now you are ready.

Following in Faith in this 3-fold way will lead you directly, effortlessly, toward your purpose in life. Take your time, because you will experience rapid movement and rapid rewards. The Universe wants you active, alive, thriving, remember? Once you take the right steps, the Universe will bend for you. In less than two years you may have everything you’ve ever wanted and more so.

Most of us do not have faith in this way, so we may trust the Universe until it seems to challenge us and then we lose faith, and start planting the seeds that our world is crappy and ‘nothing good ever happens’. We then open doors upon doors that do not lead to our higher purpose but are still teaching us (through hardship) some of our life’s lessons. We can better learn these lessons the Faith way, but most of us end up learning them the Hard way. Others of us don’t ever walk through the doors that open because we are too afraid or damaged. We are resisting challenges and fighting with our lessons, or regressing and walking through doors we’ve already walked through. Hmmm. So we walk through doors that tend to lead us astray, on to a never-ending roller-coaster ride away from our higher calling? Well remember, turn your attention to that there, to that other door of Faith in your place in the World, and your destiny is still only four doors away. It doesn’t matter where on the roller coaster you are. Stop, get off, and try having faith instead. See where those doors can lead you. Let go of all your attachments to being clever and “making this all work” by yourself. Surrender to your spirit friends and trust that you will be led, cause you’re not alone and the Universe wants you free. Put your wishes out there and let go, knowing you will be led directly to your truest desires and then follow the doors that open, remembering to stay consistently connected throughout. You will be amazed.

The Universe wants to take care of you.  And some of us have actually learned this, yet we can’t seem to stay in-tuned to our higher Spirit once we get through those wonderful doors. We are ecstatic by the bounty, getting confused and thinking we’re done. We get lazy and lose our divine insight by not turning inward and staying connected to higher purpose. We squander our assets and get distracted, launching ourselves headlong back into the roller-coaster ride of distraction and waste. Having faith is more complicated than we were taught. But if you let go, walk through the doors opened, and stay in-tune to higher spirit, you will be led directly to your Destiny…success, freedom, wholeness. Come on… If we all awakened, and followed in faith, our destiny would be revealed to us in exactly four major doors. Try it. I dare you.

The Threefold Nature of Faith reviewed:

         1. Total surrender; “let go” whenever possible, even to any outcomes. Lose all attachment. The more you let go, the more peace you will experience. Let the Universe take care of you.

         2. Walk through the doors they present to you with heart, faith, and fearlessness. Be a Warrior and trust (have faith #1) the Universe is leading you exactly where you need to go. Be fearless enough to follow along faithfully.

         3. Stay connected and in-tuned throughout. Having faith is using your faith. Whatever form of spiritual practice that resonates best with you is the perfect vehicle for you to remain in tune to your advisors. I prefer one-on-one Q & As with my spirit guides, tarot cards, prayer, meditation, yoga, making music, being in nature, riding my motorcycle, spiritual ritual, writing, and creating art as my principal forms of staying connected...so I always know what to do after I’ve walked through the doors that have been divinely laid before me. Because I am in-tune to my Soul and my spirit guides, I can hear and better follow My Path.

My success and how I best learn my lessons, guide others, or whatever it is I’m supposed to do, will be determined by my consistency in remaining connected to deity. Essentially, you are ensuring that you “stay on the same page” and don’t “get lost.” Get it? If you are consistently staying in connection with your higher power, you no longer run the risk of getting lost. Congratulations, your higher Destiny is now four doors away. This is the fast-paced route to happiness and success.

Be the light you wish to see in the world,

there is too much suffering and greed

Be the light you wish to see…

And you will be the remedy



This brief excerpt was taken from:

Waking of the Warriors, "ChIII: Who are the Warriors & Why do we need you?" by Jaecinta Harris ©2006

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