Spiritual Life Coach & Psychic Medium

Jaecinta Harris M.A.

What to Expect from a Session?

Ø      No Tarot, Palm-reading, or Crystal Ball...just pure and simple translation

Ø      Empowering & Compassionate

Ø      All in-person sessions are recorded and burned onto a CD for future listening

Ø      100% Confidential


This work is both my pleasure and my passion. It has taken me many years to embrace and hone this gift we are all blessed with. And it is an honor to be of service to you. I have not learned this work from reading books or from other teachers. I was taught by my elders on the Otherside, and have documented what they’ve taught me in the online psychic development course that I offer for free. We are all born psychic, and it is my pleasure to pass along what I know to those that wish to reconnect with their higher Source.

As I channel, I am translating directly from your own blueprint to answer any question you have about your life and world. Your blueprint contains every answer you could ever ask: answers to your highest desires, life purpose, and how to unravel yourself from any current suffering, confusion, or stagnation. Life is a “free-will” game, and you are creating your own reality via your actions, feelings, and thoughts. Thus you are building a trajectory that is your future reality. All of your “variables” in the now and in the future are contained within your blueprint. The information that I receive is a detailed glimpse into your Life, complete with solutions, tools, resources, understanding, validation, direction, and support; what solutions are there for your unique situation? Are you living your highest destiny? What doors of opportunity are present for you at this moment? In the near future? What doors may need to be closed? Practical, detailed, and solutions-based insight is guaranteed. There is free will in life, and there is also fate. How you determine your fate is by how you use your free will...

Summary of Services. . .

I am a Psychic Medium, Life Coach, and Teacher, thus you may access me for any of the following. . .

-Details of Past/Present/Future

-Life Coaching

-Medical Intuition

-Relationships & Couple's Counseling

-Group Channeling

-Psychic Development Instruction (online, one-on-one, and workshops)

-Spirit Communication

-Destiny & Soul's Purpose

-Animal Communication, Health, and Behavioral Issues

-Past Lives & Karma

-Spirit Guides (meeting & communicating with)

-Earthbound Spirits & Crossing Over