Spiritual Life Coach & Psychic Medium

Jaecinta Harris M.A.

Testimonials from Clients...

"It was amazing! Every word that she said was true and precise. The energy of this being is pure. The mind is clear, and the heart is Big! Thank you so much!" ~Marcia

“Jaecinta is an incredibly gifted psychic medium, and on more than one occasion has provided me with the perfect advice for some very challenging situations. I highly recommend Jaecin if you are considering having a reading done since her information is spot-on and very helpful.” ~Wendy

“Jaecinta offers provocative, informative, inspired and detailed readings and coaching. If you are interested in expanding your understanding of yourself and your life; learn how to access your own wisdom, find and develop your path or calling in life, Jaecinta will assist you with expert skills and great enthusiasm! Don't put it off another moment!” ~Olivia


"Getting a reading from Jaecin is like waking up for the first time each time. You can feel the blindfold remove." ~Allex


"Jaecin's accuracy is incredible, and I would recommend that all her clients listen to their recording later. The information at the time is sometimes so profound and overwhelming, I always listen to it again for later healing and growth in that particular area."  ~Sandy


“Jaecinta is an awesome life coach! She listens and sparks an enthusiasm in one that can get you out of any funk and get you headed in your proper lifes direction! Inspiring and worth your time!!! One of the best things a person can do for themselves is to turn to her for guidance! My vibration has lifted immensely since I started my Life Coaching with her. She also does an awesome reading! Thank You Jaecinta!” ~Debra


“Jaecinta Harris has single handedly been the most uplifting and empowering influence in my life since I met her. Not only does her service address the complexities of my life and reveals amazingly tangible solutions, but she lives up to the ideals she professes in her every action. She's an impeccable example of how to live, and I would not have attained the things I have now without her. Period. Thank you.” ~Khefreun


“Jaecin has done personal psychic readings for me with great consistency. Her readings delve into the source of who you are in the moment and what you can become. She is accurate about past, present and future trends. Jaecin is also very responsible and keeps her appointments in a timely manner. I highly recommend Jaecin to anyone who is seeking a new direction or looking for more focus in their life.” ~Barbara


"I was  very impressed with the reading and I will be telling people about you. It was so specific as to exactly what I need to do to achieve what I want  and to remove blockages. Thank you so much! Your energy is so beautiful!" ~Allarah


"My reading was exactly what I needed. Jaecin addressed everything that was going on with me on all levels without knowing it. Clear open channel. Will recommend her to other people in the community. Thanks J."   ~Katherina


"Jaecin is a very gifted, compassionate psychic who has the ability to connect dots for you where you need them connected. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to create some resolution as well as insight in to their life! She is definitely not one psychic that you want to pass up! I am extremely grateful to her for the insight that she gave me at a time in my life when i needed it the most. Every day since i have had the opportunity to work with her my life is so much clearer and brighter thanks to her insight! She is EXTREMELY GIFTED and her spiritual readings are a blessing!"  ~Lynette


"For those of you who believe in psychic ability and have been looking for an accurate, compassionate, and detailed psychic, I would like to refer you to my friend Jaecin. Despite the fact that she is fairly young (34), she has been doing this work for a long time and has my full confidence. She has helped me several times over the past couple of years through personal readings that she's done for me and my loved ones. We have also had many conversations that i consider "mini-training" sessions for the both of us. As her friend, another spiritual warrior with psychic ability, and  a client, I highly suggest you give her a call. Even if you are a bit skeptical, you may be surprised by what you hear.  This work comes from her heart, and she does it with great passion, vigor and Joy."   ~Joseph


"I was a bit skeptical and nervous before attending our session. That is of course, until I was greeted with a friendly voice and comfortable surrounding.The reading itself was accurate, but her explanation from where she derived her gift is what got me. I went in with previous knowledge and experience that all seemed to connect at once in an overwelming event called an awakening. It was an awesome life experience."  ~Jesse


"My experience with Jaecin was nothing short of a miracle. It has changed my outlook on life and has sent me down a path of hope and endless opportunities... I become closer to finding myself with each reading..." ~Lizette



Thank you all for your generous spirits and kind words, and for allowing me to reprint your words here.

I am fortunate to have worked with such great people over the years, several of whom I now consider friends. Word of mouth is the most powerful advertisement, and so I gratefully thank all that continually refer me to friends, family, and strangers in need.