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Jaecinta Harris M.A.

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One on One Session

Ø      No Tarot, Palm-reading, or Crystal Ball...just pure and simple translation

Ø      Empowering & Compassionate

Ø      All in-person sessions are recorded and burned onto a CD for future listening

Ø      100% Confidential

This work is both my pleasure and my passion. As a medium and psychic, the information that I receive is detailed; complete with solutions, tools, resources, understanding, validation, direction, and support. What solutions are there for your unique situation? Are you living your highest destiny? What doors of opportunity are present for you at this moment? In the near future? What doors may need to be closed? Are there messages from passed-over loved-ones? Practical, detailed, and solutions-based insight is guaranteed. There is free-will in life, and there is also fate. How you determine your fate is by how you use your free-will...


One on One Session ($100/hr)
Please select: In person, Over the phone, Via email, or Skype.

One-on-One Life Coaching

You have a purpose in life that you co-wrote with your Creator…and it holds every single answer, direction, strategy, and tool that you require in order to create your Highest Desires in Life, now, and forever. You were designed to be happy and to achieve your destiny. We all know that we want happiness, but are often overwhelmed by malaise, karma, or dharma. As long as you are not following along with your true Destiny (your divine purpose in Life), you will suffer…and ultimately fail. It’s just an equation = you are not doing what you really want to do, so you fail. It happens to all of us. Then you inevitably look up from your failures and your eyes become clearer. The contrast between what you want and what you have will point you in the direction of your true desires—your Destiny. And you will need support…


Life coaching with me will be built exclusively around what tools you need right now according to your life’s blueprint. Your blueprint contains every answer you could ever ask: answers to your highest desires, purpose, and how to unravel yourself from any current suffering. Life coaching with me is like a detailed psychic reading, traditional therapy, and sport coaching all at once. In your life coaching sessions with me, you will be uncovering the barriers to your full self-expression in the Now, addressing and ironing-out the old habits, scripts, and baggage from your past (as well as understanding fully how it’s been holding you back), AND deliberately creating (with your own specific tools and strategies) your best future; your Destiny. In these times of Ascension, and Quickening, we all need a leg up, a helping hand, tender nurturing, and crystal clear direction. I am happy to offer this guidance to all who seek to live in accordance with their own highest self and whom desire happiness—genuine freedom from suffering.


“Jaecinta is an awesome life coach! She listens and sparks an enthusiasm in one that can get you out of any funk and get you headed in your proper life’s direction! Inspiring and worth your time!!! One of the best things a person can do for themselves is to turn to her for guidance! My vibration has lifted immensely since I started my Life Coaching with her. She also does awesome readings! Thank You Jaecinta!” -Debra

"Since I began doing coaching work with Jaecin I have learned key information about myself that has helped me understand my "blocks", freed me from harsh self-criticism, and opened me to an entirely new and empowered way of handling chronic struggles in my relationships and in any situation. In addition, I have finally returned to practicing my own healing and teaching work. I am so much more comfortable with myself and much more empowered! Jaecin is the conssumate coach in that her efforts result in me creating my own life, dreams, reality. There is nothing more empowering. In addition, it is so clear as I am empowered, the energy of my soul's purpose and service is birthing after a long labor!" -Olivia


*First consultation session is free

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Online Psychic Development Course (Free)


Over 1,000 students are enrolled in this free online course as of August 2016, while more enroll every day. I am grateful to facilitate the return of your tools and awakening...

You were born psychic. Psychic Ability is innate within every human. It was your very first birthright; easy access to answers along your Life’s journey—answers directly from your own Creator, blueprint, spirit guides, loved ones, ancestors, and angels. Tuning-in to this natural ability is awakening. The Other Side is where you come from when you are born into this world, where you go when you dream, and where you return to when you leave. It is Home. You deserve to reveal and use your natural-born “direct-line” to the Divine.

Out of love and divine service to all other beings seeking their inborn omniscience at this time, I offer my online psychic development class to you for free. It is self-paced, so you can join in anytime you want, go at your own speed, and from the comfort of your own home. In this online course you will learn; what makes you psychic, how to tune-in and tune-out at your own will, how to protect yourself from negative energies, earthbound spirits, and other psychic attacks, as well as how to communicate with your spirit guides and anyone else from the Other Side. All materials are provided. Open to All. Previous experience with meditation is helpful but not necessary. You may also participate in the Student Forum Discussion where you can share insights, tools, and questions with other students that are currently taking the course.

The free Online Psychic Development Course and Student Forum are accessible through this website via the above tabsThe course is simple and user-friendly, even though the information itself is Life changing. You will learn what prevents you from easily accessing your natural-born psychic abilities and how to overcome these barriers. Class size is unlimited.  All materials are provided, including a 10 minute guided visualization that aids you in getting in-tune to a psychic state.

After you've completed the course you may continue to sign-in, re-watch the chapters, and participate in the Student Forum discussions. Enjoy!  See you in there.

* FREE *

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One-on-One Psychic Development Instruction

If you have already been developing your abilities, or have taken my (free) online course and require more individualized instruction, I am happy to work with you over the phone, in person, via email, or Skype. These one-on-one sessions will strategically address the particular obstacles and barriers you are experiencing in your development process, and will provide you with specific tools and effective strategies to use in refining your own abilities. Developing your omniscience is imperative for those in the healing arts, counseling and psychology, and especially business. It is our first birthright, and this is the time for utilizing it.

$50 a session


How many sessions would you like?
Please select: In person, Over the phone, Via email, or Skype.

Couple's Session

Couple's sessions are incredibly effective for new or long-standing "mastermind partnerships". I work with two or more individuals in order to understand and move toward their highest potential of success and mutual fulfillment, as well as thoroughly iron out the wrinkles (or caverns) in the relationship. The session will bring about clear understanding and effective, solutions-oriented direction in order to guarantee mutual goals and systems are co-created, and that dissonance from the past is remedied. Conflict within relationships exist in order to expose areas that require attention, change, balancing, or healing. Couple’s sessions with me are incredibly empowering for all participants, as well as effective at mediating and remedying all discord, confusion, and resentment…no matter how difficult, long-standing, or intense. With clear understanding comes easy empathy, as well as effective change. Whether the relationships are business, familial, or romantic, we will uncover the highest level of relating in order to guarantee mutual fulfillment and long-standing success.

First consultation session is free.

How many sessions would you like?
Please select: In person, Over the phone, or via Skype.

Pet Session

What exactly is going on with your beloved pet? Is it behavioral, biological, emotional, spiritual? There are many reasons why an animal friend can be having issues, illness, or upset…and veterinarians can waste a lot of time and money trying to find out. Everything you need to know about your pet is right there in their blueprint. We can easily find out what is going on, and they do not even need to be present for their session. Maybe your loved one has already passed over and you’d like to reconnect? My sessions with animals are the exact same as my sessions with humans, and they are as detailed, profoundly valuable, and accurate. Animals are people too.

$100 a session


Please select: In person, Over the phone, Via email, or Skype.

Waking of the Warriors; A Manual for the Masses & Masters Ebook


Waking of the Warriors is a manual for how to effectively traverse the suffering and challenge in your current life experience while more easily ascending toward your highest Destiny--your Life's true fulfillment and purpose. "We are Creators of circumstance, not creatures of circumstance" Disraeli wrote. Then why do we suffer? This book explores the often difficult-to-understand path of the Spiritual Warrior, and how to come into your full power Now; with practical tools and profound new understanding. You will also learn why The Warriors are necessary during these  critical times. Purchase the newest edition of the pdf Ebook only from this site. Written by Jaecinta Harris, c. 2006. 

Click here to see the Table of Contents. Click here to read a chapter from the book.


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Group Channeling Event via Live Video Broadcast

Does everything seem to be changing dramatically around you right now, and you want to ensure that you stay on your highest path? Are you curious about what will take place now that the world did not end, and yet the suffrage for so many continues? Do you want to know more about your own personal and financial purpose? How you can better develop your own natural-born omniscience at this time of quickening change? How can you learn to use the tools you already have to finally heal your own body, balance, and inherit your own utopian paradise? How is the World, politics, humanity, and the economy going to actually shift, and what's your specific role within it all? Do you want more reassurance and tools to survive and thrive during these shifting times?

The first part of our time together will be an in-depth group reading that will address the group at large. The second part will consist of live questions from participants in a traditional Q and A style.

Once I receive your payment you will get an email with confirmation and a private invitation link to attend on the specified date/time. Ensure that you sign in to the event from a computer that is connected to the Internet, and has a webcam if you wish for your video feed to be visible during the live event (this means other participants, as well as Jaecinta, will be able to view/hear you when you ask your question). From your online seat you will also be able to take notes, chat with other participants, ask Jaecinta your questions live, and all from the comfort of home.

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"Jaecin is a very gifted, compassionate psychic who has the ability to connect dots for you where you need them connected. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to create some resolution as well as insight in to their life! She is definitely not one that you want to pass up! I am extremely grateful to her for the insight that she gave me at a time in my life when I needed it the most. Every day since I have had the opportunity to work with her my life is so much clearer and brighter thanks to her insight! She is EXTREMELY GIFTED and her spiritual readings are a blessing!"  -Lynette

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