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You have a purpose in life that you co-wrote with your Creator…and it holds every single answer, direction, strategy, and tool that you require in order to create your Highest Desires in Life, now, and forever. You were designed to be happy and to achieve your destiny. We all know that we want happiness, but are often overwhelmed by malaise, karma, or dharma. As long as you are not following along with your true Destiny (your divine purpose in Life), you will suffer…and ultimately fail. It’s just an equation = you are not doing what you really want to do, so you fail. It happens to all of us. Then you inevitably look up from your failures and your eyes become clearer. The contrast between what you want and what you have will point you in the direction of your true desires—your Destiny. And you will need support…


Life coaching with me will be built exclusively around what tools you need right now according to your life’s Here Now variables and what lies on the horizon. Life coaching with me is like a detailed psychic reading, traditional therapy, shamanic healing, and business coaching all in one. In our life-coaching sessions, you will be uncovering the barriers to your full self-expression in the Now, addressing and ironing-out old habits, scripts, and baggage from your past (as well as understanding fully how it’s been holding you back), AND deliberately create (with your own specific tools and strategies) your best future; your Destiny.


In these times of Ascension and Quickening, we all need a helping hand, tender nurturing, cutting-edge tools specific to our Path, and crystal clear direction. I am happy to offer this guidance to all who seek to live in accordance with their own highest self and whom desire happiness—genuine freedom from suffering.


“Jaecinta is an awesome life coach! She listens and sparks an enthusiasm in one that can get you out of any funk and get you headed in your proper life’s direction! Inspiring and worth your time!!! One of the best things a person can do for themselves is to turn to her for guidance! My vibration has lifted immensely since I started my Life Coaching with her. She also does awesome readings! Thank You Jaecinta!” -Debra


"Since I began doing coaching work with Jaecin I have learned key information about myself that has helped me understand my "blocks", freed me from harsh self-criticism, and opened me to an entirely new and empowered way of handling chronic struggles in my relationships and in any situation. In addition, I have finally returned to practicing my own healing and teaching work. I am so much more comfortable with myself and much more empowered! Jaecinta is the conssumate coach in that her efforts result in me creating my own life, dreams, reality. There is nothing more empowering. In addition, it is so clear as I am empowered, the energy of my soul's purpose and service is birthing after a long labor!" -Olivia


*First consultation session is free


If you are interested in Life Coaching with me, you can get started by filling out my Life Coaching Questionnaire...

1:1 Life Coaching

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