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We are made of energy and our bodies exist within multi-dimensions, not just these any ailment or trauma bond we are carrying around that is not serving us, can be energetically cleaned, cleared, or cut...and healed, and your 3D reality and Life will reflect that.


As above, so below. It is our birthright.


I work with benevolent forces (my trusted spirit guides, ancestors, guardians, Creator, and your guides, ancestors, and angels) to directly and effectively address anything that ails you, or that you want to change, whether it stems from this life or past ones.


When all the psychic intel and shadow work is not properly removing a harmful issue from your life, or bringing about positive shifts, it's time to call on Divine will. I am happy and honored to be your facilitator in this. 


Ascension Services  =  any form of spiritual work I perform that helps you rise above obstacles you’re facing. Whether someone is directing negative energy to you and you require protection, cord cutting, or invisibility, or you are reaching for a goal in Life that you want to ensure all your faculties are in alignment to, or you need to address deep ancestral traumas, past life wounds, or heartbreak from this life that has been trapped in your DNA, cells, or operating system…thus creating programming that is throwing you off your higher path and keeping you repeating endless loops, I can help. Some people call these shamanic services, energy clearings, magick, or altar services. I couldn’t come up with an appropriate name for what I do in this regard, in that when working with my Guides I’m directed to pull from so many modalities that together form a synergy I can’t explain in words. The result is your ascension, so that’s why I call it that.


Monthly sessions will address any specific or ongoing issues you are facing. Think of it as chiropractic for the Soul.

Ascension Services

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Monthly Alignment
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$170.00every month until canceled
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