Spiritual Life Coach & Psychic Medium

Jaecinta Harris M.A.

Jaecinta Harris, M.A.

Jaecinta is a prolific creator and channel. Her passions are extensive, ranging from creating art, fine cuisine, music, comedy, dance, film, creative writing and theory. When she’s not teaching and channeling for people, she will be found expressing herself through the above forms, wandering through nature on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands (her ohm sweet ohm), or traveling around the planet on various ventures and quests.


In addition to her life coaching and teaching, Jaecinta keeps a weekly podcast, Q & A with Jaecinta where she channels timely answers for the collective, addressing the current tides with practical tools and insights. You can find her on Instagram @WanderlustWarrioron Facebook, or become her patron via Patreon. You may also view her poetry, art, prose, and theory via her Wordpress blog.

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