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I am learning to expand in the non-physical every day while attempting to balance myself in the physical plane.  I have had awesome psychic  experiences and have developed some relationships with entities in spirit.  However, I sometimes get too "airy" and neglect that I am living in the physical.  That causes a lot of mental pain and discomfort as my physical life goes flying by without attention.  I was born "tired" and sometimes just want the veil to be gone.  My latest message (woke up with it this morning) is to "open your heart to receive."  Now, I need to allow the "how?" to enter...  :/

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Reply John
3:36 PM on October 29, 2010 
I am continually awed by the messages I receive. Today I wasn't meditating, just relaxing with one of my dogs laying across my lap, and "pop" a message came into my mind. I always feel like I'm whining about a lack of money or silently yelling "help me!!" The message I got today was: "The reason you are not bringing money into your life is because you hold a belief that you are hurting others by taking away from them that which you desire. You believe that, in order for you to have money, you are taking money away from others against their will or depriving them or somehow being 'bad' by earning money from what others have." So, so TRUE!!! I now realize that this is what I was taught to feel growing up. Now, figuring out how to change such an in-grained belief.
Reply John
12:34 PM on September 10, 2010 
I'm trying to get out of a dark place right now. I'm freaked out wondering how I am going to pay my bills, which seem enormous. I have no money at all right now. I already know that I am where I am because I have put myself here. So, I have been meditating on what I need to learn from where I have placed myself. My biggest realization is that I have been praying (begging really) for help from my spirit guides, angels, loved ones who have passed on. I try, try, try to lose the ego in my meditations, but the fear creeps in and overtakes the peace. Today, however was a little different in my meditation. I finally decided to connect with a recently departed loved one (relative) whom I felt could have helped me and my family tremendously because they were very wealthy. We were all left a little and the wealth was left to one family member. So, I wasn't "saved" by any generosity. In my meditation today, I wanted to make peace and I did. As I said I have contacted my spirit guide and angels and basically begged for help out of my situation. In today's meditation I got a message loud and clear: We've had you looking at your solution everyday!!! And the title of a book on my bookshelf was blazoned across my third eye, "Help Yourself," by Dave Pelzer. And then every ally in spirit gathered around me and told me they would hold me up, support me in every way, help guide me, but I still had to do things for myself in this physical world. WOW, I have known better, but I was still giving up personal responsibility to something outside of myself. I still don't know where I go from here, but If I don't do it, it won't happen. Tough lesson, tough reminder...
Reply Psychic Medium; Jaecin Harris
4:46 PM on August 20, 2010 
Welcome John! Such a poignant understanding of what's tripping you up. Something we can all become afflicted with at times. Thank you for sharing the message you woke up with this morning. Sweet! I think I needed to hear that reminder.